Reic Template Chang log


  • Fixed the empty blogbg.gif error in reic.css. Change the blogbg.gif to con1.gif.
  • Removed the post.gif in reic.css.
  • Changed the download.gif in resource.template to images/download.gif.
  • Removed fieldset tag in panel. The border of the search is vanished.
  • Removed smarty space between category name and subsequent comma.
  • Removed the smarty tag $locale->tr('categories') at post and searchresult.
  • Fixed the non-English character in about.
  • Fixed the dash board page link error.
  • Add changelog in about


  • Fix Reic template II error.template bug (by firer )
  • Fix Reic template II searchresults.template bug (by firer report)


  • Use the $locale->tr("comments") instead of the chiniese character in commentform.tepmlate (by JamesHuang report)


  • Hide the image title at psd file
  • Redesign the css file for #title field and .scription field


  • fixed a error in postandcomment.template


  • Redesign error, album, album, resource files
  • Change the types of output file in reic.psd to gif.